Why do Ukrainian Women Date Western Men?

There is a real deficit of men to marry in the countries of the former Soviet Union. This is the reason why many women with all the qualities that a man is looking for, remain alone. So do not be surprised to see such pretty women, educated and with interesting jobs in the database of different dating sites. This is not a scam, there is really a surplus of women.

In any case, if they are registered on a dating site, it is that they are ready to move to a different country to start a new life on the bases of trust, respect, and loyalty.

Ukrainian Women Out-number Men

The main reason is obvious: 120 women per 100 men. And of these 100 men, only half are really good people and offer their families the minimum of comfort, in these societies that lost their bearings in the aftermath of the explosion of the Soviet Union.

In addition to these difficulties with the men in the face of adversity at the heart of a society in constant transformation, many of them abuse alcohol and have little regard for women. The problem of alcoholism leads some men to behave violently.

Finally, the last observation, the low life expectancy of Ukrainian men is an additional criterion pushing the women to look to the West (for comparison, in other countries the life expectancy is 78 years for men).

As a result, it remains roughly 1 man for 3 women looking for a serious relationship.

Qualities of Good Men

To sum up, Russian and Ukrainian women seeking to found a stable couple, or even a family, have the greatest difficulty in achieving this. They are looking for a man with the following qualities:

  • Do not be an alcoholic
  • To be able to financially take care of a family (even taking into account the general economic difficulties in these countries)
  • To have a compatible character to a life of a couple (absence of brutality, excessive “macho” behavior, respect for women)
  • Have a “normal” physique (it is easy to see that beauty is unequally distributed according to gender in these countries)
  • To be free (do not already have a wife or a serious girlfriend)
  • Being capable of fidelity and engaging emotionally for a single woman
  • For these reasons, thousands of Russian and Ukrainian women with all the qualities to found a happy family has come up with the problem of lack of men in their country. Some women are destined to remain alone.

So, despite some misconceptions, it is not to escape poverty, to escape the economic problems of their country, or to find a wealthy man that these women of the East want to meet a stranger (even if for some of between them, unfortunately, and this can happen, it is their only motivation); but especially to found a family with a respectful and serious companion.

Where to Meet Ukraine Women?

So you may wonder where should you meet some of these women? The best place is an online dating site. You can read this ukrainedate review to see an example of a highly rated site with lots of women.

Overall there are many reasons why these women like western men and the future is looking to hold the same trend.