Avoid Plumbing Scams

The consequences of a winter storm are not only seen in the damaged pipes but also in the possible scams of those who deal with their repair.

Learn some tips to avoid scams by plumbing companies and always check that these services are provided by a professional and not just some guy with a van…

tightening pipe

People these days abuse the pricing a lot.  The average homeowner knows nothing about the pricing of the materials and labor, making them an easy target for scam artists.

It’s important to be patient because there are now a lot of people with problems in clogged drainage and pipes of their houses and the plumbers are very busy.  You must always do your research and hire a good company like this one for example www.charlotteplumbing.org.

Most cities require every plumbing business to have a master plumber. He must have an examination and permit. In addition, the company must have damage insurance with a minimum of  500,000, proof of business registration in both the city and the county as well as a copy of its license.

What Causes a Drain to Clog?

The waste disposer is a workhorse in the kitchen and is often taken for granted. Your crusher will have no problem shredding most of the food waste, but that’s not where the problems with an obstruction are.

The most common cause of blockages is the way the ground meal reacts to water or lack of water after the unit has crushed it and sends it to the siphon. When a waste disposer like this one is capped, you will often find the problem in the siphon that is on the discharge side of the disposer.
The siphon can be plugged into several things that for different reasons cause poor drainage, including:


Pour in sufficient water into the crusher when grinding
Crush eggshells
Grind coffee beans
Grind potato husks
Grind banana peels

These are all huge problems that must be addressed if you want your garbage disposal to last a long time.  We recommend that you service it regularly if you care about it.