Why do Ukrainian Women Date Western Men?

There is a real deficit of men to marry in the countries of the former Soviet Union. This is the reason why many women with all the qualities that a man is looking for, remain alone. So do not be surprised to see such pretty women, educated and with interesting jobs in the database of different dating sites. This is not a scam, there is really a surplus of women.

In any case, if they are registered on a dating site, it is that they are ready to move to a different country to start a new life on the bases of trust, respect, and loyalty.

Ukrainian Women Out-number Men

The main reason is obvious: 120 women per 100 men. And of these 100 men, only half are really good people and offer their families the minimum of comfort, in these societies that lost their bearings in the aftermath of the explosion of the Soviet Union.

In addition to these difficulties with the men in the face of adversity at the heart of a society in constant transformation, many of them abuse alcohol and have little regard for women. The problem of alcoholism leads some men to behave violently.

Finally, the last observation, the low life expectancy of Ukrainian men is an additional criterion pushing the women to look to the West (for comparison, in other countries the life expectancy is 78 years for men).

As a result, it remains roughly 1 man for 3 women looking for a serious relationship.

Qualities of Good Men

To sum up, Russian and Ukrainian women seeking to found a stable couple, or even a family, have the greatest difficulty in achieving this. They are looking for a man with the following qualities:

  • Do not be an alcoholic
  • To be able to financially take care of a family (even taking into account the general economic difficulties in these countries)
  • To have a compatible character to a life of a couple (absence of brutality, excessive “macho” behavior, respect for women)
  • Have a “normal” physique (it is easy to see that beauty is unequally distributed according to gender in these countries)
  • To be free (do not already have a wife or a serious girlfriend)
  • Being capable of fidelity and engaging emotionally for a single woman
  • For these reasons, thousands of Russian and Ukrainian women with all the qualities to found a happy family has come up with the problem of lack of men in their country. Some women are destined to remain alone.

So, despite some misconceptions, it is not to escape poverty, to escape the economic problems of their country, or to find a wealthy man that these women of the East want to meet a stranger (even if for some of between them, unfortunately, and this can happen, it is their only motivation); but especially to found a family with a respectful and serious companion.

Where to Meet Ukraine Women?

So you may wonder where should you meet some of these women? The best place is an online dating site. You can read this ukrainedate review to see an example of a highly rated site with lots of women.

Overall there are many reasons why these women like western men and the future is looking to hold the same trend.

Smallest Dog Breeds

The reasons for choosing a small breed dog are varied. A small dog is easier to manage and handle, it is easier to travel with and it costs less in food.

Many city dwellers prefer a small dog because they do not have a lot of space. Still, others simply want a companion dog, which will be small enough to be worn or on the knee, and whose temperament lends itself to it.

Small dogs are becoming more popular and the number of adoptions is increasing every year. The breeds of small dogs on this list are all indoor dogs that will make excellent companions, with attention, affection and proper training.

List of smallest dog breeds:


Its name comes simply from the city of Chihuahua in Mexico. He is considered the smallest dog in the world! His size makes him an ideal companion dog, yet he will not be impressed by beefier dogs than him.


Yorkshire is a very popular small dog breed that comes from York County in England. This charming dog will always soften you, even after doing something stupid.

Cavalier King Charles

This small, graceful dog is native to England and owes its name to King Charles II, who was his greatest breeder. His hair is long and silky, and the Cavalier King Charles is a dog full of mischief that seduces more than one.

French Bulldog

Despite its small size, the French Bulldog at a brash pace. He is part of the family of molasses and he appeared in the neighborhoods of Paris around 1880. This dog with the truffle “flattened” meets a great success thanks to its pace, but also its lively and awake character.

Welsh Corgi

The Welsh Corgi comes from the Pembrokeshire cattle herdsmen in Wales. Elizabeth II, Queen of England, would have contributed to her popularity. This small dog is particularly jovial and daring, overflowing with tenderness but stubborn hair.

Shih Tzu

His name literally means “lion dog” in Chinese. The Shih Tzu is a dog breed that belongs to the group of Tibetan dogs. Like any dog with long hair, he needs regular maintenance. This ball of hair overflows with affection and will always want to hug his master.


The Dachshund is high since the Middle Ages. He hails from Germany and he was, at the time, intended to hunt badgers. There are three varieties of hair for this breed: short, hard and long. This small dog is determined and full of vivacity, nevertheless, it is a strong head which likes to be dominant.


There are four types of Bichons: Maltese, curly, Bolognese and Havanese. This dog is full of quality, he is very playful, he gets along very well with children and more, he can adapt to any type of master.

It is, however, necessary to maintain the hair of the bichon regularly.

Jack Russell

The Jack Russell belongs to the burrow family and the group of “small burrows”. He owes his name to Pastor John Russell (who was nicknamed “Jack”), and his passion for fox hunting was born Jack Russell.

The overflowing energy of this dog could be a disadvantage for some, however, it remains a dog-friendly and cuddly.

Shetland Sheepdog

This little dog is from the Shetland Islands. Despite its appearance, it is not a miniature collie, although it is likely that this breed has contributed to its genetics.

Feeding Your Cat

To feed a cat properly, one must consider her age., breed and lifestyle. These factors are important because as cats grow and age, their nutritional needs change. from the age of eight, her meals have to be monitored and controlled. Older cats are less active compared to younger one affecting their weight which in turn may lead to health issues.

you may be wondering how much do cats eat per day and when is the best time to feed her.

on any given day, your cat should be hydrated with water around 100 ml per Kg every 24 hours. Fats are a concentrated source of energy and are a good source of vitamins. Protein is the building block of life, it is necessary to repair and build body tissue. Cats generally are built to survive on protein therefore it is essential for your cat on a daily basis.water, fat, protein, minerals, carbohydrates, can be given to your cat through proper feeding plan

Carbohydrates provides readily available energy for cats. They provide readily usable fuel for her daily energy expenditure.

Minerals are necessary for the regulation of the enzymes and digestion. Cats need a healthy dose of minerals to stay health. Your cat should be watched and any change in bowel movement, weight and character of your cat should be attended to by her vet.

Your cat should have a fixed feeding schedule and to encourage her to eat healthy, limit the amount of treats and junk food you offer her make sure her rations compliment her nutritional needs. Cats are very sensitive and will notice the slightest change in their diets so apply caution when introducing new foods to your cat. Sugar, sweets and chocolates are dangerous for cats and should be eliminated completely from her diet.

Hopefully this piece comes in handy for you and your cat.














Avoid Plumbing Scams

The consequences of a winter storm are not only seen in the damaged pipes but also in the possible scams of those who deal with their repair.

Learn some tips to avoid scams by plumbing companies and always check that these services are provided by a professional and not just some guy with a van…

tightening pipe

People these days abuse the pricing a lot.  The average homeowner knows nothing about the pricing of the materials and labor, making them an easy target for scam artists.

It’s important to be patient because there are now a lot of people with problems in clogged drainage and pipes of their houses and the plumbers are very busy.  You must always do your research and hire a good company like this one for example www.charlotteplumbing.org.

Most cities require every plumbing business to have a master plumber. He must have an examination and permit. In addition, the company must have damage insurance with a minimum of  500,000, proof of business registration in both the city and the county as well as a copy of its license.

What Causes a Drain to Clog?

The waste disposer is a workhorse in the kitchen and is often taken for granted. Your crusher will have no problem shredding most of the food waste, but that’s not where the problems with an obstruction are.

The most common cause of blockages is the way the ground meal reacts to water or lack of water after the unit has crushed it and sends it to the siphon. When a waste disposer like this one is capped, you will often find the problem in the siphon that is on the discharge side of the disposer.
The siphon can be plugged into several things that for different reasons cause poor drainage, including:


Pour in sufficient water into the crusher when grinding
Crush eggshells
Grind coffee beans
Grind potato husks
Grind banana peels

These are all huge problems that must be addressed if you want your garbage disposal to last a long time.  We recommend that you service it regularly if you care about it.

Melatonin Info

melatonin Melatonin is a hormone produced naturally by the epiphysis (or pineal gland, in the center of the brain) that plays a crucial role in the sleep-wake cycle. Normally, it is released at nightfall to facilitate sleep. The secretion reaches a peak between 2 and 4 am and then decreases during the second part of the night, to get the alarm clock ready.

In old people, the production of melatonin is often insufficient, which can lead to sleep disorders . To regain a restful sleep, melatonin intake, which helps the internal clock, can be effective.

Better sleep without the risk of dependence?

One of the first melatonin-based medicinal product to be marketed in Europe, has just entered pharmacies. By gradually releasing melatonin, it mimics its natural secretion. According to two scientific studies, it reduces, albeit modestly, the sleep disorders of the elderly.

It’s important though to not only be dependant on melatonin.  You should also have a good mattress or air mattress like a queen sized one.  Click here for an example.


Woodworking Tips

This blog allows us to share our interest in woodworking, through technical articles on the topics of tools and woodworking machines, but also the know-how specific to the business of wood ( carpentry, cabinet making, carpentry, Sculpture, etc …). We hope that you will find in our pages a source of inspiration and useful advice to carry out your projects, whether you are a cabinetmaker or an amateur carpenter.

If you are looking for advice on the use of tools and woodworking machines, We suggest you also consult our sections “Tips and Tricks” and “Workshop notices ” where hundreds of pages await you. Without forgetting our section “Videos” with many demonstrations of tools that could also please you!

Recognized specialists regularly offer articles about the work of the router and the different methods of ripping. Our expertise in woodworking tools allows us to provide you with the advice of choice, our tips of use as well as our latest finds interesting! But we also deal with other themes such as the manufacture of wooden furniture, sculpture, and woodturning.  If you are looking for a good saw go here http://besttablesawreviews.net/dewalt-dw745/.

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